The Fall of the House of Usher

December 12, 2007 at 12:17 (Uncategorized)

Who do you believe to be the Main Character in “Fall of the House of Usher“? Due by Friday, December 14th.




  1. Lorin said,

    The main character in “The Fall of the House of Usher” is the narrator. I believe the narrator is the main character because even though it’s the narrator, it’s a character within itself. The way the story is written, the narrator is given a character’s personality.

    The narrator is the main character because no one else in the story makes a big imact the way the narrator does. The narrator seems like’s he’s watching the story and you’re reading what he’s seeing. The narrator’s job is to pull the story together. but in this story, it’s role is the same but influences in a different way. The narrator seems like a character in first person; as if he was writing the story and we are reading his journal.

    My choice of the main character effects the story because it brings a new light on it and changes other people’s perspectives on how they read it. the narrator plays the role of the guest, but also explains other things in the story that a plain character wouldn’t know. At one point, the narrator explains how Usher greets him. The way the greeting is explained, it brings together the details of the story by being descriptive.

  2. Patrick said,

    There are within the text manifold possibilities of which–through pesonal peception–we can name the main character. However, it is my supposition of like manifestation that the story is solely at the will of the House of Usher; to be sure, the lineage of Usher. Herein, the physician recounts some history of the family. He first explains that, of their lineage, it is entirely direct and with very transient deviations, leaving the inheritance of the house to the direct line, and as such the inheritance of the name with the house. He wonders if, by this want of diversity, the family influences the house, or the opposite. I view the house as a part of the family, and thereby an inclusion in the category of the main character.
    If all occurances (which are seemingly most often untoward) within the family are intertwined, and if the two last bearers of the family blood meet their end, then so will the house. I see this through the falling of the house and the death of Usher’s sister–and so the cessation of any possible continued blood-line. The arrival of the physician does ultimately alter the course of the story, but it is the deterioration of Usher’s health by way of his selfish human nature integrated with his hypochondria in correlation to the eventual fall in his sister’s health that progresses the story.
    By this, we can view and interpret much of the story as being centered around the family.The story of Lancelot can be contrasted to the final events of the story. It removes the idea that the house, Usher, and the sister are seperate entities. Rather, it combines the three to show their effect on the story.

  3. Ali said,

    In “The Fall of the House of Usher” the main character is either usher or the house, or both combined. “The Fall of the House of Usher” is mainly based around Usher and his sickness. The House had alot to do with the story, so thats why the house could possibly be a main character. The only problem with the house being a main character is that the house is not an actual living person this therefore makes Usher the main character.
    I know for a fact that the sister was not the main character. The sister was not in enough of the story. She did not really show up until nearly the end of “The Fall of the House of Usher”. then she died, therefore the sister not being in enough of the story and then showing up at the end makes her not the main character.
    It is pretty obvious in my opinion that the main character was Usher. he was the main person throughout the entire story. this affects how one reads the story because they need to focus on Usher and realize he is the main character in this story and because this story is all about him.

  4. Scott said,

    The physical makeup and personification of the house make it a character in its own. Poe describes it as having “vacant eye-like”, and the use of the “barely perceptible fissure” show that there are subtle flaws in the houses construction. This alludes to the mind of Usher, he appears stable on the exterior but within he is insane and disconnected from reality.

    The house can also be perceived not as a physical object, but the mind of Usher, and his effects on his immediate surroundings. The entire house and anyone who enters it falls under his spell of madness. The entire story is affected by the house, the grounds of the castle cause a feeling that the narrator cannot describe.

    I believe that the house as a character represents the mental processes of Usher. The house is his mind and the people inside are the devious and demented thoughts that pass through his head. I chose the house over other characters because everyone in it is affected by it, and is ultimately destroyed when the mind and life of Usher are destroyed by the death of his sister.

  5. Colin said,

    The Castle and the Castle grounds

    Im choosing the less prominent choice of a main character to be the enviornment. The area and home in which usher redisdes is a refelection of his mind and what is influncing his illlness. The climate and state in which he lives is less than cheerful, fall is approaching; the sky is gray, cold, unforgiving, the air is moist and stale inside the chambers of the castle . “The clouds hung oppresivly low in the heavins, with the first glimpse of the building, a sense of insufferable gloom pervaded my spirit”. ” I say insufferable ; for the feeling was unrelieved”; these words were contemplated by a man who had just encountered the grounds usher in his self inflicted illness dwells in the definition of sorrow and lonliness. What cause would this broken soul have to spring forth when he has no encouragment.

    The main charcter could be anyone based on youre view point ; mine is observere whats going on and influncing your state of mind. I didnt choose usher or his sister to write about because I would progress to far into the situation irresponsibly. If I pick the first obvious option I would leave out the meaning underneath the surface If i had chosen Usher , I would have bypassed what he lived through everyday.

    My choice affects the story in every scene because the main character is in every scene and is the scene, so its constantly affecting the situation( and everyone in it). Three good and easily seen choices would be the narator, usher, and his sister becasue you see the most of them and hear the most from them. The envoirnment is leaning on all three of these charcters around every corner and in every hall way that is why i chose it.

  6. Nick said,

    In the short story “The Fall of the House of Usher” i believe that the main character to be the physician. The Physician is followed throughout the book and is also the narrarator.

    Another choice for the main character spot could be Usher. I did not choose Usher because i dont believe that the book is focused on him. Though he is an important character and an intrical person in the story he does not fir the main character’s position. The physician is a very nice and caring person that is focused on helping his friend in his depression. I find Usher to be very boring and uninteristing.

    My choice can effect the way I interpret the story in a few different ways. At the end of the story I was interested in the way the physician reacted to the noises rather then Usher. By the end of the story I was suprised at the way Usher acted and even more suprised by the physician’s response. I am happy with my choice for the main character in “The Fall of the House of Usher”.

  7. ryannananan said,

    By the time that the narrator arrives at the Usher estate, his friend is already very frail and the house itself seems to paint a picture of his deteriorating mental and physical health. The house’s exterior is foreboding and actively decaying and the interior is even more ominous. The castle’s living quarters are described as “… profuse, comfortless, antique and tattered.” Even its inhabitants scattered belongings are unable to give any vitality to the room.

    When his sister’s character, Lady Madeline, is introduced, Usher explains that his illness is caused by her impending death. She is only seen living once, and even then she seems to be something of a ghost. She appears briefly as Usher speaks of her “decease” in a manner so final that the reader is unsure if she has already died.

    After Madeline’s death, Usher seems to assume her illness. From that point on I would regard Usher more as an extension of his sister than his own character. This is illustrated in the Mad Trist, story that the narrator reads to Usher in an attempt to distract him from his grief. In the story, Ethelred enters a hermit (Usher’s) castle, only to a dragon (Madeline) where he had once been. Despite her short appearance, Madeline is constantly in the forefront of the story.

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